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Items identified with a crest
Souvenirs and gifts items that can be identified with a souvenir crest (shield). Please consult the "Available shield list" from the "Tools" section of this site.
103205 Collection spoon in box
$CDN 4.99

103208 Collection spoon with lobster in box
$CDN 5.99

103260 Sugar collection spoon (in box)
$CDN 4.99

103640 Collection thimble with flowers design
$CDN 2.99

104539 Dove mini bell
$CDN 5.99

105013 Cannon metal pencil sharpener
$CDN 4.99

105090 Shipwheel metal keychain
$CDN 4.99

105319 Metal collection thimble
$CDN 4.99

109511 Cannon collection thimble
$CDN 5.99

Sword letter opener (105131)
$CDN 6.99

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