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Arrow Sash
The ceinture fléchée, arrow sash, or arrowhead sash, is a traditional piece of French-Canadian clothing of the 19th century (of the Lower Canada, Canada East and early confederation eras). The Métis also made ceintures fléchées and used them as part of their national costume. The arrow sash is also one of the famous badges of the voyageur (courreur des bois).

The ceinture fléchée had many uses. The sash was used for warmth, as a tump line and a support on the portage, as an emergency rope, and as a mark of distinction and origin. The term "fléchée" refers specifically to the original arrowhead design.

Many popular singers, folklore dancers and especially the Quebec Bonhomme Carnaval are contributing to making the ceinture fléchée known to visitors. They are also an icon of the Festival du Voyageur being held every year in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

288567 Red Metis/voyageur hat/head band for hat
$CDN 7.99

288569 Red Mestis/voyageur sash for kids
$CDN 17.99

288586 Red Metis/voyageur sash (small)
$CDN 19.99

288594 Black/blue Metis/voyageur sash (large)
$CDN 21.99

288596 Red Metis/voyageur sash (large)
$CDN 21.99

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